The Shed is a great venue to hire in Stellenbosch for events such as functions, workshops, festivals, parties, sports events, corporate events, weddings and productions.

The Shed is a renovated barn with added window sections and finished floors.  The high sloping ceiling, natural lighting, four interconnected spaces, two of which are defined by pillars, and a generous stage creates a spacious, yet intimate venue with good ambiance.  The Shed has simple lines and the finishes have intentionally being kept minimalistic to offer a blank canvass in which events can stamp their own identity. A narrow patio runs alongside a section of the north side with access onto a grassed area.

Existing Draping: The Shed has red and orange tent draping along the ceiling girders and around the central area as well as black draping on the stage and wings, all of which is removable should you require it.

VENUE ZONING The Shed is zoned as a multi-purpose hall
FUNCTION TIMES Events are allowed to operate from 08:00 – 23:00
CRITICAL MEASUREMENTS Critical space / door access / capacities should be checked by client on site
USABLE SPACE Approx. 837m2 (central, front and side sections, excluding stage)
Central Section (wood floor) 25.5m x 14.75 = 376m2
Entrance area (west) 9m x 14.75m = 132.75m2
Side section (north) (adjoining patio) 22m x 7m = 154m2
Side section right of front door (south) 25m x 7m = 175m2  (excludes section alongside stage – more a service area)
Stage 14.5m x 14.5m = 210.25m2    (full stage area including wings and back of stage area)
stage area:  12.7m deep x 9.5m wide
Venue hire in Stellenbosch
Maximum Number of people The venue is approved for up to 800 pax standing maximum (With the large lawn area, there is possibility of hosting many more people).
Capacities given for hired areas are indicative only and are dependent on furniture used, equipment and catering requirements.

Side areas work well for catering stations, lounge areas and the like as they flow into the central space.

Cinema seating 440 seats in central area
Schoolroom seating 324 seats in central area
Banquet seating 280 seating in central area
Banquet seating with dance floor 240 seating in central area, 7m x 5m dance floor space

To make inquiries for renting the venue, please email with the subject ‘venue hire’

Venue hire in Stellenbosch

We encourage events / people who hire our venue in Stellenbosch, to hire our performers for entertainment as it not only will add a vibrant dynamic to your event but you further support our community that we are growing here.

For your entertainment we offer the following: world class fire dancing performances including fire breathing, choreographed group acts, solos and busking. Aerial performances such as aerial silks, lyra and trapeze. We have a in-house Opera singer and pianist Svetlana Ivanova. We also offer juggling, stilt walking, tarot card reading, clowning, miming, African drumming, acrobats, uni-cyclist, characters that will interact with your audience, belly-dancers, strength acts, contortion, dances, musicians, rhythmic gymnasts and more…

If you would like to include team building in your event, we offer a variety of activities, please ask us for more information by emailing with the subject ‘performance artist’

Venue hire in Stellenbosch