Ceramics and pottery classes in Stellenbosch

Ceramics and pottery classes in Stellenbosch

We have been making pots, vases, candle stick holders, mugs, plates, sculptures and more.
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Ceramics classes in StellenboschCeramics classes in Stellenbosch


The mission of Crafters Corner – ceramics classes in Stellenbosch
How we help our community!

Living in our modern age of business and technology, facing the stress and pressure of everyday life, trying to make-ends-meet, all too often our creativity and artistic expression stifled or non-existent. Most of us either work in a corporate or office environment or are engaged in menial labor. Many communities and individuals find themselves in disadvantaged environments with little, if any, meaningful artistic engagement and expression. Cultural crafts such as ceramics, pottery, basketry and woodwork are a part of our diverse heritage in South Africa, and it is through such artistic crafts that The Crafter’s Corner at The Shed, aims to bring meaning and value into people’s otherwise mundane or disadvantaged lives. We bring them ceramics classes in Stellenbosch, where they can learn new skills and support each other with the sense of community that it creates.

Ceramics classes in StellenboschACTIVITIES
1. Working with women of the coloured communities living on farmsteads. The historically under-privileged communities living on farm homesteads are generally void of opportunities for self-development or skills development. Many people are unemployed or work on farms sporadically for below minimum wage pay. The women, wives and daughters, of Farm workers, living in these communities are often the worst off and in the greatest need of support and development. This program aims to bring quality of life, skills development and artistic expression through ceramics, pottery and basketry, to a small group of women who have been identified as interested, in need of, and who will benefit from such a program.
2. An after-school program for youth attending the SI youth program.
This project is designed to bring greater variety to the already existing program through creative/artistic and skills development through crafts such as ceramics, pottery, basketry and leatherwork, to the youth attending the SI after-school youth group.
3. Identifying crafters in local disadvantaged communities who are in need of workshop space and further skills development. This program is intended as a ‘crutch’ for crafters living in informal settlements or farmsteads who are lacking facilities in which to practice their craft.
4. Offering craft workshops for farm workers on Spier Farm (Farmer Angus). The Crafter’s corner is situated on the south bank of Spier Farm though it runs autonomously from Spier enterprises. It is the wish of the farm managers and farm community that individuals may elect to engage in craft classes for their own self development and skills development, thereby generating a healthier and more fulfilled
community and social life in our immediate location and community.
5. Offering a workshop space for children of the SWS and SPARK at SI to attend craft classes. The SWS and SPARK schools are very close to the Crafter’s Corner. Both schools are lacking in appropriate crafting spaces. The Crafter’s Corner can facilitate groups of children or adolescents during the school day and/or after school for lessons.
6. Various craft classes, courses and workshops for hobbyists and enthusiasts (income stream to ensure sustainability of projects).
7. Space for those seeking ceramics classes in Stellenbosch – where hobbyists and professionals can come to practice and produce wares (income stream).

Donations are more than welcome as we could always do with help covering bills – this will help us to continue to support our community. Contact Lionel thecrafterscorner.laf@gmail.com