Jesyka Sham runs Flying Fitness Aerial Silks fitness classes in Stellenbosch. These classes have many benefits, such as increased flexibility, improved strength and stamina, helps to develop balance and co-ordination, keep yourself and even your children fit while building self confidence.  It’s a team building experience as children help each other to grow and develop, they encourage each other and good friendships are formed through the process.

Aerial silks is an acrobatic art form performed on two strips of fabric hung from a single point from the roof. A typical routine consists of a combination of climbing, wrapping, inverting, locks and drops. The silks is an amazing challenge and encourages upper body strength and flexibility. You do not have to be strong or flexible to do aerial silks, there something for everyone to learn and enjoy on the silks!

Our aerial silks fitness classes in Stellenbosch are a great way to stay active!
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Flying Fitness aerial silks fitness classes in Stellenbosch

An aerial silks class consists of a proper cardiovascular warm-up and warming up of joints with flexibility training and is followed by guided technique instruction. Class concludes with some conditioning a brief warm down. Climbs, wraps, tricks and drops are taught and tailored to the strength and capability of individual students.

The development of physical fitness that is obtained through aerial silks should never be underestimated. Aerial fitness increases muscle strength as well as tones your body naturally, no matter what age you are. This strengthening extends beyond just the muscles, developing other tissues such as the ligaments and tendons assisting in preventing injuries while taking part in other activities.

It’s not a secret that physical activity offers an excellent boost to your mental health. Aerial acrobatics’ mental-health benefits go far beyond traditional types of fitness. When hanging inverted spinal compression is relieved and the therapeutic benefits are immeasurable. Another important factor for mood lifting is the amount of oxygen derived to your brain. Well, anti-gravity fitness will definitely give you a plentiful supply of oxygen for the brain!

Keeping all these benefits in mind, Flying Fitness Aerial Silks is a great way to stay fit and healthy for individuals who may have become bored with their current exercise regimes or for those in search of new challenges. These activities are not only fun but have assisted many in building a strong body as well as a sound mind.


Monday 6 – 7.30pm (Adults)
Tuesday 3 – 4pm (Kids)
Wednesday 6 – 7.30pm (Adults)
Thursday 1 – 2pm (Kids)
Thursday 2.15 – 3.15pm (Ages 9 to adults)

Contact Jesyka on 081 835 8536 or for more info