About The Shed in Stellenbosch

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The Shed in Stellenbosch houses Living Arts Foundation NPC (referred to as LAF). The Living Arts Foundation focus is on the physical health, social health, intellectual health, skills development, arts and culture in the community. LAF’s ethos is to create a platform for a new consciousness to grow and therefore encourages sustainable and regenerative lifestyle education, community development and personal empowerment.  LAF and The Shed are committed to providing a community space in which activities relating to and offering social and skills development, integration and sharing are valued.  For more about The Shed in Stellenbosch, please feel free to browse and explore our website.

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Directors: Our directors are Lionel Chanarin, Jesyka Sham, Mariota Enthoven and Heidi Newton-King.

Mission statement: Uplifting disadvantaged communities and integrating communities through social events and sustainability – based training projects at our venue.

Vision: To transform the community, bringing them together and building skills for a consious lifestyle.

Venue hire in Stellenbosch